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Learning to Ride

It's a great feeling for both parents and children when they first start to ride a two wheeled bike!

However it isn't always straightforward. We are convinced about using balance bikes as soon as possible. Balancing is the difficult skill to master, not pedalling. Stabilisers just don't teach balance. Balancing on a two wheeled bike is achieved by minute corrections to the steering which can only be learnt without stabilisers.

We recommend either using a balance bike or taking the pedals off a normal bike. Make sure the seat is low enough for a child to get both feet firmly on the floor.

First of all get them to 'walk' the bike along (this is why you take the pedals off!). Once they can do that find a grass slope and get them to walk down it lifting their feet off the ground slightly. After several goes they will probably be able to 'glide' a few metres.

Once they are at that stage put the pedals back on, get them going down the slope again and then try to get their feet on the pedals.

We find that 30 minutes to an hour is usually enough to get to this stage.

We can provide 'learn to ride' sessions for individuals or groups.

For individuals we charge £20 for a one hour session. Instructors will bring tools to remove pedals and adjust seat heights. We would expect most children to be riding a short distance in an hour.

We can't guarantee to get children riding but our success rate is pretty good!

For a group one instructor can take up to three children. Please discuss costs of group sessions with us.

Adults can also access these sessions but we prefer a one to one basis - please contact us to discuss adult learn to ride.If you are a Derbyshire resident Derbyshire County Council will fund your training.

We don't recommend starting with a Penny Farthing!

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