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If you are a school not affiliated to an SSP, an individual or a community group we can provide training but have to make a charge:

Non SSP affiliated schools and groups

We offer some school holiday training courses:

Holiday Bikeability Courses

  We are always happy to discuss one off training courses

Struggling to get your child to ride a bike? Have a look at our page about learning to ride

More information on Bikeability training

See here how can Bikeability benefit your school and child development -

bikeability benefits.pdf

Learning to cycle safely can promote a culture of healthy and sustainable travel

Please help promote less pollution from the 'school run', download the factsheet below and spread the word!

Traffic pollution factsheet

When cycle training is finished we are always happy to receive feedback

Link to Feedback online submission

We are commisioned by local School Sport Partnerships to deliver their cycle training. Each SSP has a different offer to schools funded by Bikeability. Please follow the links below if you are a school affiliated to one the three SSPs;

Most of our child cycle training takes place within the school environment. Currently we deliver balance bike training to 'reception' classes, Bikeability Level 1 to years 2, 3 and 4, Bikeability Level 2 to years 5 and 6 and Bikeability Level 3 to years 6 and 7. Some schools are also able to access Bikeability 'Learn to Ride', Fix & On Show.

Bikeability training

If you would like to know more about Level 1, 2 & 3 Bikeability training and what outcomes are needed to show competency at each level have a look at our page here or check the Bikeability website.



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