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We want every child (and adult) who takes part in one of our Bikeability courses to enjoy it and come away with a positive experience.

There are three levels of Bikeability and participants will receive an award appropriate to their ability. Anyone taking part in a Level 1 course who can ride a bike will receive an award - we have separate Bikeability Learn to Ride courses if needed. When taking part in a Level 2 or 3 course a trainee must show they can achieve the outcomes of the lower levels, if not they may receive a lower level award .

If your child has received a letter and consent form from school please have a look at the outcomes for each level below and practice them with your child before the course. The most common reason for a child not being able to take part in a level 2 course is because they cannot ride confidently with one hand (required for signalling whilst taking part in level 2). It is important to always look forward whilst attempting to ride with one hand and be going at an appropriate speed to maintain balance.

Level 1 courses are in a traffic free area whilst level 2 & 3 courses take place on roads and trainees will be interacting with traffic.

You can download a copy of the outcomes by clicking the images below.

Bikeability awards

We also deliver Bikeability Balance, Learn to Ride, Fix and Show.

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