School Holiday Cycle Training

This offer is for children in Year 5 & 6 for Level 2 and Year 7 and above for Level 3 who attend a Chesterfield or NE Derbyshire school and have missed training either because of the Covid crisis or other reasons. Taking part is free of charge.

Bikeability Level 2

This is for children in year 5 or 6. Ideally they will have completed a Bikeability Level 1 course previously but to take part in the on road part of the course riders must be able to ride in full control of their bike and be able to ride with one hand for at least three seconds in control so as to be able to signal. Instructors will assess each rider. The instructors decision will be final.

Bikeability Level 3

This is for children in year 7 and above. They must have completed a Bikeability Level 2 course previously. Riders should be familiar with riding on roads and able to demonstrate Level 2 skills, again the instructors decision will be final.

The Level 3 course will include riding on busier roads, traffic light controlled junctions, roundabouts etc as well as discussing route planning and whether to use cycling infrastructure.

Both levels will train in small groups of 4 trainees with 2 instructors. Parents/carers will need to sign a parental consent form including medical information on arrival, please contact us beforehand if you have any concerns. Parents/carers will also need to stay for the first 30 minutes whist the trainees are assessed to see if it is suitable for them to proceed to the on road training, if not they will not be able to continue. Please collect your child promptly at the end of the course.

All riders taking part must wear a bicycle helmet (not full face motorcycle style).

All bicycles used should be of an appropriate size, have inflated tyres, must have handlebar grips, a saddle which is fixed and two working brakes. Two working brakes is a legal requirement. BMX bikes are acceptable but not the most appropriate.

Ideally children will have their own bikes and helmets but if not please contact Wheely Fun Wheels who may have some available to borrow.

Weather cancellations will be at the discretion of the instructors and will be notified up to one hour before the start. Note that light rain will not necessarily cause cancellation. All riders should be clothed appropriately and if sunny have sun protection.

Courses will assemble and finish in the Queen’s Park north car park off Boythorpe Road (opposite Travis Perkins) or at Tupton Hall secondary school. Initially a few courses will be available but more will be added if there is the demand. Contact Wheely Fun Wheels if you want a specific day and if there is enough demand we will add another course.

Please arrive in time for a prompt start at the time indicated when you book.

The course is intended to be delivered non stop for 2.5 hours but riders should have a drink with them.

All riders that complete the courses will be given the appropriate Bikeability award of badge, certificate and booklet.

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